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Opportunities for Clinical O&P Research Support from AOPA

The American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association is proud to announce 5 Requests for Proposals for separate research grants. As part of AOPA’s Orthotics 2020 initiative, we are committed to making a major leap forward in clinical research that can answer some of the most important and profound issues about Orthotics. AOPA, together with its many […]

Update: Orthotist/prosthetist notes will be considered part of the patient’s medical record by CMS!

It’s official! As a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement, with the overnight action of both Senate and House in enacting the Continuing Resolution and the spending bill, and with President Trump having signed that legislation, not only is the federal government open, but the following O&P provision is now officially signed into law: SEC. 50402. ORTHOTIST’S […]

A Legislative win for O&P

The Continuing Resolution/Spending Bill that is moving through Congress to keep the government open has provided the means to accomplish one of the key components of the O&P Medicare Improvements Act, which AOPA, its lobbyists, its members, and MANY important friends in O&P have been fighting for several years! The legislation set to be enacted […]


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2018 Coding Pro O&P’s comprehensive guide to Medicare codes, reimbursement, and medical policies.
This Handbook helps facilities follow the fraud and abuse prevention guidelines recommended by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).


February 26-27
Coding & Billing Seminar
Atlanta, GA
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March 7-8
AOPA Policy Forum
Washington DC
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March 14
Webinar: Medicare Coding Guidelines: MUEs, PTPs, PDAC, etc.

April 30-May 1
Coding & Billing Seminar
San Antonio, TX
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September 26-29, 2018
2018 AOPA National Assembly
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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