Introducing AOPA’s Take….Where You Go When You Need to Know!!!

As we begin 2015, AOPA is excited to offer a new form of communication to all members of the O&P community, AOPA’s Take. Using a blog style format, AOPA’s Take will keep you in the loop regarding news and information that is vital to the business of O&P. While AOPA has established lines of communication through traditional venues such as the O&P Almanac and the SmartBrief newsletter, AOPA’s Take will follow a different approach that will focus on specific issues, in a timely manner that are significant today, right now. Communication through AOPA’s Take will be immediate, keeping you informed of new information and developments as they happen.

AOPA has a long history of leading the way in ensuring that members of the O&P community have the tools to make sound decisions regarding the direction of their businesses. AOPA’s Take will continue this history by quickly becoming the best source for immediate access to breaking news that affects your O&P business.

AOPA’s Take is available at no charge to all members of the O&P community and subscribing is simple. Go to and click on the subscribe button.  Fill out a few fields and you’re in!

Welcome to AOPA’s Take…..Where you go when you need to know!