AOPA Airs TV and Print Advertising Messages on LCD/Medicare Cutbacks

TV ads—directed to policymakers—appear in Washington, DC market on  Sunday 8/23 ABC Sunday morning news, e.g., “This Week with George Stephanapoulos,” and Mo-WE on CNN, Fox, MSNBC morning new programs; print ad appears in the Washington Post and Hill on multiple occasions.

Please recognize that advertising operates with the challenge of conveying a very complicated story in a very few words (our 30-second TV message was confined to no more 74 words available to tell our story), and without the alphabet soup of CMS, DME MAC and LCD which are common parlance to us but which just confuse the general public.  There is not a strong ‘call to action’ because our real audience in the Washington DC market is government officials—we want to use these messages as the background chatter to support the activities, especially the Wednesday events.  We are carrying the second flight of ads right after Congress returns.

See the ads, go to, and you’ll click the button on the far right, OR go to:

full colorad