Submit Comments on CMS’ Proposed Rule on O&P Qualified Providers

Submit Comments on CMS’ Proposed Rule on O&P Qualified Providers

On January 11, CMS released a proposed rule that would enact the long awaited provisions of Section 1834(h) of the Social Security Act, which establishes requirements for qualified suppliers and qualified practitioners, and restricts payments to providers who don’t meet those criteria.

The proposal is far from perfect. That, coupled with: (a) the start of the new Trump Administration and the prospect that the Administration could easily view the proposed regulations unfavorably as an effort to regulate business; and (b) the fact that there are several business interests in potential opposition to the rule make it critically important that AOPA, AOPA members and everyone in the O&P community provide thoughtful and comprehensive comments by the March 13 deadline.

AOPA has gathered member input on the rule and has prepared pre-written comments for members to submit.

Submit your comments.

Please note that this campaign does not permit edits to the standard message. We certainly welcome any member to copy the AOPA standard message, edit it in any way you like, place it on your company letterhead and submit directly to CMS.

Read the proposed rule and the analysis.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe McTernan at or 571/431-0811.