Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier B

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier B
Thursday, September 9 from 10:30 am – 12:30 p.m.

The following Tier B Workshops run concurrently within this track.

Troubleshooting and Prolonging the Life of Your Carbon Composite AFO
This workshop will investigate how to troubleshoot issues with lower extremity orthotic intervention for individuals in a carbon composite AFO. The course will help to develop protocols and practices to assist with modifications that will troubleshoot problems and prolong the life of the device.

Socket Selection Criteria and Alignment Considerations
Alps South LLC
Prosthetists have come to adopt liners with pins and locking devices as their main stay suspension method for trans-tibial amputees. While this provided them with major improvements over previous suspension methods available, not all amputees have the proper tissue and limb configuration to be fitted with locking suspension. The stresses created at the distal end will cause skin and suspension problems in a good number of amputees. Additionally, the largest segment of the amputee population more specifically geriatric and less functional individuals, often have difficulty in donning of a pin.

Gait Biomechanics and Fittings of the Guardian, Victor, and Capital Knees
College Park Industries
The workshop will review the biomechanics of prosthetic knees in general and the offerings from College Park specifically. Features and benefits of each knee and the target patient population for the Guardian, Victor, and Capital. Virtual fittings and adjustments of the knees including refinement of all available adjustments.

Progressive Solutions for the Low Active Population
Össur Americas Inc.
Ӧssur will be presenting on the latest advancements and technology for the Low Active patient demographic. The Connect TF Socket is new and unique, with an emphasis in design to address the needs of the users by creating a socket to facilitate correct donning while in a seated position, enhancing their overall comfort & safety while improving compliance with their prosthesis. Practitioners will find the design to be accommodating to the various challenges with fitting this user group. Balance Foot S with and without Torsion, incorporates design characteristics adopted from the Pro-Flex family of feet. A new foot design that provides benefits this group such as reducing sound side use. Join this segment to see how Össur has created some exciting technology to serve this patient population.

Digital to Walk: Building a Complete Leg Prosthesis Using Ottobock’s New Scan-to-Print Technology
Ottobock is excited to demonstrate the first all-inclusive scanning, modelling, and 3D-printing technology specifically designed for the O&P industry. This end-to-end solution significantly lowers the entry barriers to digitalization to improve the efficiency of the care pathway for your patients.
In this workshop we will begin by reviewing the Custom 4U liner scanner to create a custom liner. Following this, we will introduce you to the new iFab (individualized fabrication) Suite, which consists of iFab EasyScan, the Ottobock 3D-scanning solution, and web-based modelling in the iFab Customer Center. We will demonstrate a scan of a transtibial patient model using the new Ottobock-driven Intel hand-held scanner and explore the features of the EasyScan app to create patient profiles for 3D scans of custom liners, TT diagnostic sockets, TT 3D-printed socket, and the MyCRO Band 3D-printed Cranial remolding helmet. After modifying the socket via iFab Design, we will complete the process with a live dynamic walk on the myFit TT 3D-printed socket. To enhance the cost-effectiveness of building a complete leg prosthesis, we will finish the session by discussing new Lower Limb Bundles.

Introducing the NEW Freedom Quattro Microprocessor Knee by PROTEOR
Proteor USA
Learn about the latest addition to the PROTEOR USA Microprocessor Knee Portfolio, the Freedom Quattro Microprocessor Knee by PROTEOR! This brand new microprocessor knee platform with patented control technology is quickly and easily programmed with the GaitLab app. There’s also an app for the patient! This session includes a slide presentation of all the features and benefits, and a live full patient fitting and programming of the Quattro.

The Keys to Building Your Pediatric Business and How Surestep Can Help You Get Those Keys
Built with the busy clinician in mind, this interactive workshop takes a fresh approach to building a pediatric business. This interactive course is designed to introduce attendees to the keys to building their practice while minimizing the effects of external factors. Racing against these external factors, clinicians will learn, brainstorm and collaborate with colleagues as they navigate the sometimes-unpredictable world of pediatric orthotics. Videos, case studies and research will be used to connect theories with real-world practice as we explore multiple solutions for toe walking. This course is designed with multiple interactive breakout sessions that will allow the learner to integrate material and implement material as it relates to their own patients. Following the course, clinicians will feel more confident using effective communication, creative problem solving, setting functional goals and maximizing time efficiency to build a dynamic pediatric practice.

SpryStep KAFO: Achieving Biomechanical Objectives and Clinical Aims
Townsend Design
Elevate your clinical care offering and improve efficiencies with your case load using the most advanced composite KAFO technology in the industry. This hands-on course will expose clinicians to patient assessment tools, prescription guides, shape capture methods and ordering efficiencies. Presenters will also review and analyze several case studies to demonstrate clinical and science-based decision-making that promote the most desired biomechanical objectives and clinical aims. Upon completion of the learning objectives, clinicians will have an elevated understanding about material science, clinical inputs and design rational that predict brace efficacy, intended performance and improved patient outcomes.

Vorum: Your SurePath to Modernizing Your O&P Practice
From the first demonstration of CAD in O&P to incorporating a suite of 3D print tools in Canfit Design software, Vorum has lead the industry in innovation for over 30 years. Today, thousands of orthotists and prosthetists at over 800 facilities in 45 countries use Vorum technology. Those partnering with the only end-to-end solution provider for CAD/CAM in O&P enjoy the benefits of a high-quality solution with a single point of service. It’s no surprise that, every 65 seconds, a patient somewhere in the world receives a custom device made with Vorum technology. This success can be attributed to providing a SurePath™ for a successful transition to CAD/CAM in any O&P production setting. As a result, organizations of all sizes have seen productivity gains of up to 600% with a uniquely guided multi-staged implementation. Join this workshop to understand what a SurePath to success looks like for your organization and an exciting update of Vorum’s 3D print solution.