Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier A

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier A
The following workshops in Tier A run concurrently within this track.
Wednesday, September 26 8:00 AM – Noon

Toe Walking Intensive (MWA-1)
Sponsor: Cascade Dafo, Inc.
There are multiple causes for toe walking, but no specific bracing solution for any given diagnosis. Each case requires an individual assessment and treatment plan based on the patient’s unique presentation, goals, and real-life factors. In this advanced course, we’ll build on your knowledge of toe walking treatments by showing you new ways to look at patient presentations and discuss various bracing solutions you may not have considered. We’ll share multiple case studies and successful approaches used by other clinicians—including course participants—focusing on assessment, brace selection and optimization, and tips for casting and fitting.

The NEURO SWING AFO. Scientifically Grounded Technology for the Orthotic Management of Neurological Disorders (MWA-2)
Sponsor: FIOR & GENTZ GmbH
Take part in a course about a breakthrough German technology grounded in scientifically based research for the proper orthotic management of neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy and Stroke. With a patented ankle joint in 2013, the NEURO SWING AFO matches the pathological gait and physical conditions with the proper orthotic design and offers the possibility of independent alignment adjustments of the segments and customized mechanical forces according to the activity level, weight, ROM, and MMT. Learn about a new casting technique and the ORTHOSIS CONFIGURATOR software to design the AFO. We are all different and can’t continue treating everybody with the same AFO design, ankle joint size, spring forces, materials and expect changes or progress. It is a new era in orthotic treatment.

Latest Developments in Upper (8:00-10:00am) and Lower (10:00am-12:00pm) Limb Technology from Össur (MWA-3)
Sponsor: Össur Americas Inc.
Please join us while we share with you the latest advancements in upper and lower limb technology by Össur.  This session will focus on the Touch Solutions upper limb product line for full and partial hand, the latest offering of feet in the Pro-Flex family as well as the latest advances in lower limb Bionic technology by Össur. Attendees will have opportunity to interact with product champions to deepen their level of understanding and usage of these exciting advances.

How to Utilize New CAD/CAM Technologies to Improve Your Practice (MWA-4)
Sponsor: Vorum
Thousands of O&P practitioners are already working up to six times faster and with greater precision by using modern CAD/CAM tools. Whether they work at a hospital like Shriners, a c-fab like Spinal Technology, or a small clinic, their practices are growing and thriving despite frozen reimbursement rates, a shortage of clinicians, and rising patient expectations. They are also ready to exploit 3D-printing technology as it matures. Attend this hands-on workshop to learn how practitioners like you are using the latest digital technology. Also learn how to smoothly migrate from plaster to a digital 3D world.CAD

Modification Design Essentials (MWA-5)
Sponsor: WillowWood
This highly informational hands-on workshop examines how CAD technology enables O&P technicians, assistants and practitioners to easily modify scanned images in preparation for fabrication. Featured in the workshop is OMEGA® by WillowWood® software. Emphasis is placed on the software user interface, workspace and workflow tools.