Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier B

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier B
The following workshops in Tier B run concurrently within this track.
Wednesday, September 26 8:00  – 10:00 AM

BOC Standards and Compliance: The Bottom Line in Performance Management (MWB-1)
Sponsor: Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)
Organizational performance improvement is an important and highly misunderstood topic. It is clearly mandated by CMS Quality Standards, but Wayne Rosen, BOCP, BOCO, FAAOP, BOC Board Chair, will help you understand why you should focus here not only for compliance, but also to enhance your ROI.

Sponsored by BOC, this two-hour workshop focusing on standards and compliance explains how you can improve the overall performance of your practice by having credentialed individuals on staff and provides a better understanding of what standards are applicable to your business. You will receive tips on how to get employees credentialed and how to maintain compliance.

Complete K2 Transfemoral Solution from College Park (MWB-2)
Sponsor: College Park Industries
This workshop will present a complete lower limb solution for Transfemoral patients with an overview of TF gait and biomechanics. We will dissus what makes good endoskeletal componentry and review K2 foot options and the Guardian Knee from College Park Industries.

The Latest Product Introductions from Freedom Innovations (MWB-3)
Sponsor: Freedom Innovations LLC
This course will provide a detailed review of Freedom’s newest product offerings and provide hands on training with the technology.  The discussion will be focused on a new programming methodology for the Plie 3 and a new addition to our K2 foot portfolio.

iFIT Transtibial Prosthesis Workshop – Immediate Fit, Innovative Technology (MWB-4)
Sponsor: iFit Prosthetics LLC
The iFIT prosthesis was developed to create an affordable and readily accessible prosthetic device for a large and growing number of persons with lower limb loss.  The prosthesis can be fit in a single session with hand tools and customized to each patient.  The adjustable buckle system makes it an ideal device for new amputees that experience drastic limb volume changes, as well as for patients with vascular diseases.  This presentation will review the key features, advantages, who it for, and how the prosthesis is fit.  It will also touch on research recently completed on the iFIT system.  A certification quiz will follow the presentation.

Conquering the Unique Challenges of the K2 and K3 Amputee with the All-Terrain Knee (MWB-5)
Sponsor: LegWorks
Review candidates for the All-Terrain Knee and typical knee recommendations for this group. Patented Autolock Technology function and clinical benefits of achieving lock prior to heel strike. Review swing phase characteristics of hydraulic, pneumatic and typical friction knees. Explore mechanical Variable Cadence Controller technology utilizing a combination of variable interaction between friction and extension springs throughout the swing phase cycle. Proper alignment and adjustments for the All-Terrain Knee.

Patient fitting demonstration will highlight proper alignment, address gait deviations as needed, and develop proper prosthetic weight bearing and hip flexion sequence to exploit benefits of the All-Terrain Knee.

Live Life UnLIMited – The Latest Innovations for TF and TT Amputations (MWB-6)
Sponsor: LIM Innovations
Discover new Infinite Socket™ configurations and components specifically designed to optimize patient comfort and functionality. The Infinite Socket™ design has resulted in improvements to functional outcomes, a reduction in socket issues and ultimately a better quality of life for amputees. The training will provide tips on component selection, review new innovative features, and pre-qualify you for our exemplary Premier Partner Program. Practitioners will learn how applying our efficient fitting process will streamline appointments and increase your facility’s volume. Get certified today.