Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier C

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier C
The following workshops in Tier C run concurrently within this track.
Wednesday, September 26 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Using Controlled Ankle Mobilization and Alignment to Improve Gait Function with the Triple Action Ankle Joint (MWC-1)
Sponsor: Becker Orthopedic Appliance Co.
The Triple Action ankle joint delivers ease of use with independently adjustable alignment, range of motion and resistance to ankle motion. Triple Action was developed for controlled mobilization of the ankle in the orthotic treatment of Stroke and CP. This educational program presents the clinical application of the pediatric and adult Triple Action ankle joints. Learn how to optimize and evaluate the orthotic care you deliver using the Triple Action ankle joint, to help your patients navigate the real world outside the exam room.

Transtibial, High-Activity Assessment and Alignment (MWC-2)
Sponsor: Fillauer
The process of selecting a “high-activity” foot is often just based on a feeling, a deal, or a brand.  Mounting those posteriorly attached devices can sometimes seem like too much of a risk.  Join us as we discuss patient and foot selection criteria based on the physics of the designs and how that relationship leads to patient success.  With the help of one of the most experienced technician/prosthetist teams, we will fit and align a posterior mounted prosthetic foot from start to finish with repeatable methodology and new fabrication tools to make the process less intimidating with terrific results.

The End of Rigid Sockets – Socket-less Socket’s™ for all Amputation Levels (MWC-3)
Sponsor: Martin Bionics Innovations Inc.
The Martin Bionics’ Socket-less Socket™ technology fits like a sneaker, and provides superior control and unparalleled comfort and conformity.  Discover all new socket configurations, and now for all amputation levels. Fitting the Socket-less Socket™ technology offers a more efficient clinical practice, increased revenue, and fewer follow-up adjustment appointments compared with conventional fitting methods.

Making the Right Decisions on Mechatronic Technology for your Patients (MWC-4)
Sponsor: Ottobock
Advances in prosthetic technology are transforming patient outcomes more than ever. This course will review mechatronic solutions from Ottobock for both lower- and upper-limb amputees. We will focus on functional differences, patient selection, fitting and training tips. We will introduce new product updates to C-Leg, Genium and X3 and make sure you leave with an understanding of what technology to use to enhance your clinical practice outcomes.

Innovative Spinal Bracing Solutions (MWC-5)
Sponsor: Townsend Design / Thuasne USA
Spinal bracing may not be the most stimulating workshop topic here in Vancouver. However, if you consider the value of your time, and the percentage of revenues LSOs, TLSOs, and collars contribute to your clinic’s top line and bottom line, this workshop will acquaint you with Thuasne USA’s innovative O&P focused spinal solutions. Like many O&P clinicians, you are likely purchasing spinal products made in Mexico or Asia, and sometimes buying from companies that compete against the O&P industry. Come learn about products made in the USA and in Europe by Townsend’s parent company (Thuasne). Cost-effective, time- efficient, patient-friendly solutions. This interactive (try on the products) workshop is presented by Carl Macchia, C.O., the Spinal Bracing Manager for Thuasne USA. Learn about our new universal-sized sternal bar TLSO (SLEEQ MAX), our Jewett-type brace with great adjustability, and other unique designs.