Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier D

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier D
The following workshops in Tier D run concurrently within this track.
Wednesday, September 26 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Coapt Pattern Recognition: Revolutionizing Control in Upper Limb (MWD-1)
Sponsor: Coapt LLC
Coapt, the industry leader in pattern recognition, has established COMPLETE CONTROL as the most modern and intuitive myoelectric control option for upper limb amputees.  This workshop will cover the many benefits of the technology as well as clinical approaches to evaluating potential users. The system’s compatibility with other manufacturers’ devices will be detailed, and attendees will have an opportunity to have their questions answered.  Attendees of the workshop will also learn about the technology straight from their users and interact and experience the product for themselves.

A Modular Approach to Dynamic Bracing (MWD-2)
Sponsor: Fabtech Systems LLC
The course will detail the philosophy and methods behind reactive carbon bracing with the following highlights:
• Evaluation method for new patients
• Casting demonstration
• Modification/Fabrication overview
• Patient fitting and alignment
• Q/A with clinicians currently using the system

Functional Partial Finger Solutions (MWD-3)
Sponsor: Naked Prosthetics
Traumatic finger loss is one of the most prevalent amputations in the USA, and historically the least served by prosthetic technology.  Naked Prosthetics designs and creates robust functional fingers to get users back on the job – be it as a professional musician or a construction worker.  In this workshop we will discuss our technology, user needs & uses, and outcomes.  We will also cover sizing, fitting, and common questions.

I Can! Enhancing Quality of Life Through Effective Orthotic Intervention (MWD-4)
Sponsor: Surestep
This interactive course is designed to address and meet challenges commonly faced by children with neuromuscular deficits. Orthotists can benefit from understanding why patients are struggling to meet a goal and why it’s important that they accomplish that goal. Surestep’s Education Team has worked closely with families and patients to develop a course that addresses these challenges and provides solutions to facilitate successful goal attainment. Participants will work in small groups throughout the course to develop a strong understanding of deficits leading to and consequences of poor trunk and head control, as well as toe walking.

WillowWood One Socket System (MWD-5)
Sponsor: WillowWood
Paticipants will receive an overview of the key aspects of fitting patients with the WillowWood One System, and elevated vacuum system that improves socket fit, and comfort through advances in liner technology and deal design. Course topics include patient selection, component function, shape capture, socket fitting and vacuum parameter adjustment.