Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier F

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier F
The following workshops in Tier F run concurrently within this track.
Wednesday, September 26 3:30 – 5:30 PM

Reimaging the Order Platform for Custom Devices (MWF-1)
Sponsor: Cascade Orthopedic Supply, Inc.
In line with reimagining the distribution model, Cascade will explore the FusiformCAST platform integration.  This ordering platform facilitates custom device orders, monitors the progress of the device from initial order to delivery, and maintains HIPAA compliant patient records.  This solution helps consolidate purchases from Cascade while providing a free, efficient, and error-proof ordering experience.  Topics will include: platform registration and administration, custom order form demonstrations, and a review of the business functionality of the Cascade-FusiformCAST integration.

3D Printed Definitive Sockets and Protective Covers Are Here and Now (MWF-2)
Sponsor: Friddle’s Orthopedic Appliances Inc.
This course will provide the O&P professional with an in-depth overview of the progress made on engineered-based 3D printed prosthetic devices and how they are now readily available.  Understanding performance of 3D printed, high quality, ultralight-reimbursable definitive sockets according to specifications developed to pass ISO 10328, and the importance of working with clinically-focused central fabricators experienced in 3D Printing will ensure the right product for the right patient every time.  Each participant will learn how combining digital scanning software with experienced 3D Printing professionals can unleash the benefits of 3D printed prosthetic products, both for their patient and their clinic.

Advanced Scanning Technologies to Enhance Clinical Care Procedures for Infants with Skull Deformities (MWF-3)
Sponsor: Orthomerica Products, Inc.
Advanced technologies such as the SmartSoc scanning system has accelerated the care of infants with skull deformities by providing accurate 3D models of the infant’s skull.  The comparison utilities provide clinical outcome data by comparing beginning-, middle- and end-of-treatment scans.  Standard anthropometric measurements provide key information about cranial shape changes at follow-up visits.  Further assessment of quadrant arc lengths, arc areas, quadrant volumes and symmetry ratios provide more detailed understanding of skull shape changes and direct optimal clinical procedures.  Accurately monitoring and reporting skull shape changes secondary to growth and orthotic treatment are critical components of the orthotic care program.

Functional Healing by Össur; Featuring the Rebound®PCL & the Rebound® Cartilage (MWF-4)
Sponsor: Össur Americas Inc.
Functional Healing from Össur represents our most advanced Injury Solutions products to date. The Functional Healing icon is our seal of approval for more effective, less painful healing, accompanied by improved mobility. The Rebound PCL is the first dynamic brace of its kind and can be used as a conservative treatment option or post-operatively to help the PCL heal in the best anatomical position. The Rebound® Cartilage is a protective functional solution designed to support knee cartilage healing after procedures such as Microfracture, OATS, (M)ACI and restorative medicine techniques.

AFO by CADCAM in a record time with Rodin4D (MWF-5)
Sponsor: Rodin4D
Rodin4D developed a new process to design AFOs in record timing. Thanks to this process, any AFO can be designed within 4 minutes with Rodin4D NEO software