Monthly Webinars

During the one-hour monthly Webinars, AOPA experts provide the most up-to-date information on a specific topic.  Webinars are held the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM Eastern.  One registration is all it takes to provide the most reliable business information and CE Credits for your entire staff.  If you’ve missed a Webinar, AOPA will send you a recording of the webinar and quiz for CE credits, so you can still take advantage of the series discount and the valuable learning opportunities.

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*Includes an unlimited number of participants per telephone line. Earn 1.5 Business CEs each by returning the provided quiz within 30 days and scoring at least 80%.  All webinars begin at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Webinar registration fees are non-refundable. AOPA can provide the webinar recording if registrants cannot make the scheduled webinar.

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2018 Monthly Webinars

January 10Lower Limb Prostheses Policy: A Comprehensive Review
•Prosthetic Functional Levels
•Coverage of Initial, Preparatory, and Definitive Prostheses
•SNF PPS Exemptions
•Adjustments & Repairs
•Useful lifetime restrictions
•Documentation requirements
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February 14Inpatient Billing
• Proper use of the “Two-Day Rule”
• Skilled nursing facility prosthetic exemptions
• Part A rules for hospitals and Hospice
• Statutorily non-covered services
• Billing responsibility
• Review of the rules, and outlier exemptions

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March 14Medicare Coding Guidelines: MUEs, PTPs, PDAC, etc.
•Medically Unlikely Edit Charts
•Procedure-to-Procedure Edit Charts
•PDAC recommendations
•And others
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April 11Enhancing Cash Flow & Increasing Your Accounts Receivable
•General Concepts of AR Collection
•Basic Strategies for AR Improvement
•When to ask for outside help
•How & When can things be written off (co-pays, deductibles, etc.)
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May 9Coding: Understanding the Basics
•History of the L-Code system
•How are new codes created
•Basic tenants of code selection
•Base codes vs. Addition codes
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June 13Audits: Know the Types, Know the Players, and Know the Rules
•How many claims can a ZPIC audit review
•How can we be removed from a TPE audit
•Who does the CERT audit
•What restrictions do the RACs have
•What are my options when audited
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July 11Administrative Documentation: What is Always Needed and Sometimes Needed
•When to use an ABN
•What must be on a proof of delivery slip
•Do we require two orders/prescriptions
•When and How often do HIPAA forms need to be signed
•Who can complete the certifying statement for therapeutic shoes
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August 8Outcomes & Patient Satisfaction Surveys
•What is the importance of conducting patient satisfaction surveys, and how to analyze the results
•What is the importance of tracking outcomes and how it can help you provide better care to your patient
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September 12Medicare as Secondary Payer: Knowing the Rules
•Learn what payers are primary to Medicare
•Learn to determine if Medicare is a secondary payer or a primary payer
•Learn to calculate your payments from Medicare when they are a secondary payer
•Learn about conditional payments
•Learn about set aside arrangements
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October 10Year End Review: How to Wrap-Up & Get Ready for the New Year
•Updating Medicare participation status
•Providing gifts to referral sources and patients
•Checking activity of PTAN numbers
•Submitting information on HIPAA breaches
•Updating your Medicare information
November 14Evaluating Your Compliance Plan & Procedures: How to Audit Your Practice
•Review the elements of a Compliance Plan
•Learn how to test/evaluate the elements of a Compliance Plan
•Taking action when compliance deficiencies are discovered
•How and when to perform self-audits
•How to create an in-house or self audit
December 12New Codes, Medicare Changes & Updates
•A look at the new codes and fees for 2019, and a review of the year’s coding/billing reminders and a look at any upcoming policy changes.

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