2022 Policy Forum

Thank you for being a part of the 2022 AOPA Policy Forum! You joined over 100 O&P advocates from over 30 states to advocate for the needs of the profession and the patients it serves. In a total of 84 meetings, you told your story and asked for support of the Medicare O&P Patient Centered Care Act. Of these 84 meetings, 48 meetings were with Representatives (11% of the House) and 36 meetings with Senators (36% of the Senate)…this reach is impressive! Be proud!

So now, what next? A couple of things we need from you:

  • If you haven’t already, please email Advocacy@aopanet.org to share details about your congressional meetings and let Sam Miller and Ashlie White know if there were questions or follow-up from AOPA staff required. Our team will use this information to continue our efforts to get this legislation passed.
  • We also encourage you to reach out and thank the Congressional offices you met with them and reiterate how valuable their support of the legislation would be. Please copy Advocacy@aopanet.org  on your follow-up emails.
  • As we mentioned during the Policy Forum, Ashlie and Sam will be in touch with those whose meetings were unable to be scheduled or were cancelled to get virtual meetings set up.
  • Please send any photos you took during your Hill visits to info@AOPAnet.org, we would love to use them to showcase your efforts.
  • So that we can continue to improve your experience please take a few minutes to complete the 2022 AOPA Policy Form Evaluation.

There is still more to do to get this legislation passed, but together we will keep the momentum you created during the Policy Forum going and accomplish it. Stay tuned for additional updates and next step. Thank you again for raising your voice for the O&P profession and its patients. Last week, we proved, our voices truly are louder – and more powerful together.

Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Patient-Centered Care Act Background Document for Hill Meetings

Schedule of Events:

Tuesday, May 17
7:30am 11:30pm Registration 
8:00am 10:00am Student Breakfast 
8:30am 10:00am State Reps Mtg and Breakfast 
10:00am Noon Advocacy 101 Workshop: whether you’re new to advocacy or want to refresh your skills, this pre-forum session provides a deep dive into the advocacy basics. Explore your role as an advocate and how to use your voice as an effective tool for change. You’ll walk away with a playbook you can use throughout your career and in your own state and community.

Noon 1:00pm Opening Lunch- Keynote with Candace Doby, On Courage.
Each member of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) possesses a unique set of skills and qualities that make them capable of creating distinctive value for their teams, organizations, and communities. But, when members become burdened by perfectionism, self-doubt, and imposture syndrome, they make it impossible to own and demonstrate their brilliance, which is necessary to help their organizations reach a higher level of greatness. Instead, members can lose focus, decrease their productivity, and weaken their ability to perform to their potential. In this presentation, speaker and author Candace Doby gives AOPA members the strategies they need to courageously own their brilliance, manage self-doubt, and make a bigger impact on their teams, organizations and communities.
1:00pm 1:15pm Break 
1:15pm 2:45pm Let’s start with WHY…  We are all here for the WHY, so why not start with it! This session will open with a conversation about WHY you all come to Washington DC. We’ll talk about the real-world challenges O&P practices face, and why the policy changes proposed in the Medicare O&P Patient-Centered Care Act matter to the O&P profession and its patients. This session is all about connecting the policy dots and drawing lines directly to the stories of O&P care that we’ll be sharing on Capitol Hill.
2:45pm 3:00pm Break 
3:00pm 4:00pm Here for the Policy not the Politics: During this session, attendees will learn about the different dynamics at play in Congress, where healthcare fits into those dynamics, and how to think about O&P in the larger healthcare context.
4:00pm 5:30pm Breakout 1: What’s your story? During this breakout, session leaders will take attendees through an exercise to help develop ways to tie their story to the policy changes we are seeking. Worksheets will be provided.
4:00pm 5:30pm Breakout 2: What’s the ask? During this breakout, session leaders will help attendees practice the ask. *** If your member of Congress or Senator is already a cosponsor of the Medicare O&P Patient-Centered Care Act, you’ll learn how to ask for what’s next.
4:00pm 5:30pm Breakout 3: What’s our game plan? During this breakout, session leaders will walk attendees through designing a game plan for Hill meetings. Attendees will learn how to navigate the uncertainties associated with Hill meetings, like planning for a meeting when you can’t be sure if you’ll have five or 15 minutes. Attendees will receive a worksheet to help.
7:15pm 9:00pm Capitol Connection Event – DC Night Tour*
Wednesday, May 18
7:00am8:00amO&P PAC Breakfast
8:00am9:00amAttendee Breakfast
9:00am9:15amBuses depart
9:30amBuses arrive
8:00am3:00pmCongressional Appointments

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