OPC Benchmarking Survey

How does your O&P Patient Care Facility Measure Up?

Are you considering selling your O&P business and need to maximize its value?

Do you want to own or manage a financially successful O&P business that aspires to grow?

Improve the profitability of your business by participating in AOPA’s Annual Operating Performance Benchmarking Survey and the Bi-annual Compensation and Benefits survey. It’s the largest O&P benchmarking survey in the O&P field.

Survey participation is free for AOPA patient care facility members. And it is confidential.

  • Identify where your O&P facility needs to improve.
  • Understand how your company’s financial performance compares with similar sized companies in comparable markets.
  • Make informed business decisions based on your company’s financial data.

The 2020 survey has closed.

Survey participants receive a free Company Performance Report and the final published survey report. Nonparticipants can purchase copies of previously published reports in AOPA’s bookstore.

For more information contact AOPA at 571-431-0876.