Coding & Reimbursement Products

AOPA Coding Pro

O&P’s comprehensive guide to Medicare codes, reimbursement, and medical policies. This is the single-source reference for all your coding needs! The CodingPro CD-ROM provides updated Medicare fee schedules for all 50 states and allows you to customize and import other fee schedules used by your office. Illustrations of the codes allow you to quickly sort codes. And writing prescriptions just got easier with the prescription writing tool. he CodingPro also includes an expanded and interactive O&P Code Glossary. Network Version for use on multiple office terminals.

AOPA Illustrated Guide

This is easy-to-use reference manual provides an illustrated guide to the coding system in use for orthotics, prosthetics, and shoes, including the HCPCS code, the official Medicare descriptor and an illustration for each code.

AOPA Quick Coder

Stop searching through numerous pages to find a code! AOPA’s redesigned QuickCoder provides a speedy reference to the HCPCS codes for all orthotic, shoe and prosthetic codes and modifiers. The QuickCoder also provides quick references for inpatient billing and OTS vs. Custom-Fit coding. These laminated cards are durable, long-lasting and convenient to store.

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This is the premiere website to search for information that will help match L Codes with products in the Orthotic and Prosthetic industry. The website allows you to search for L Codes, search for manufacturers, and chooses appropriate codes based on a selected product. And is a free benefit to AOPA members!