Why is the AOPA O&P PAC Important?

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The future of the O&P industry and profession depends on decisions made by Congress. The AOPA O&P PAC:

  • provides increased access to members of Congress so we can tell our story
  • increases visibility and recognition of O&P on Capitol Hill
  • helps ensure the reelection of our friends in Congress
  • combines individual contributions for a greater impact
  • is the only PAC representing the O&P industry and profession on Capitol Hill

O&P is a niche profession. A strong PAC helps level the playing field so AOPA can compete with much larger associations for scarce health care dollars to benefit the O&P industry. To continue and expand AOPA’s legislative success, the O&P PAC has set a goal of raising $100,000 for the year.

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What is the Capitol Connection?

Capitol Connection is a fund established by the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) to supplement its government relations program. Success in Washington does not come cheap and there can be many unexpected costs and surprises along the way.

Capitol Connection was created to cover the extra costs of a government relations program that will mean the difference between success and failure, including:

  • special studies to support our legislative and regulatory positions;
  • support of the AOPA Policy Forum;
  • support of PAC activities;
  • publications to build a well-informed team of AOPA members; and
  • other extraordinary projects that advance AOPA’s government relations agenda.

Capitol Connection funds are used only for government relations activities that are not otherwise covered by the general government relations administrative budget. The Board of Directors must approve all expenditures from Capitol Connection.

Capitol Connection is not to be confused with the O&P PAC, the registered political action committee (PAC) representing the O&P providers and suppliers. The O&P PAC enables AOPA to contribute to the campaigns of members of Congress who share our concerns and support the future of O&P.

Contributions to Capitol Connection may be made in the form of a personal check or drawn on corporate or business accounts. Voluntary corporate contributions may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses but not deductible as charitable contributions. Please consult your tax advisor to assess your individual tax situation.

You can contribute to the Capitol Connection fund online or via mail/fax by downloading a Capitol Connection donation form.

For more information on the Capitol Connection contact Devon Bernard or at 571/431-0854.