Round 2021 Getting Started


Here are some quick things to think about and assemble if you intend to submit a bid.

  • REVIEW BILLING HISTORY: Review the product categories selected HCPCS codes, and your billing history to determine if you have provided any of the selected items in previous years; and if so how many. This will provide you with an idea of how much of your business may be affected and if you need to submit a bid. Once you have determined your billing history (number of units previously provided):


  • OBTAIN A SURETY BOND: You must provide proof of having obtained the required surety bond(s). You are required to obtain a $50,000 bid surety bond from an authorized surety on the Department of the Treasury’s List of Certified Companies.  How many bonds you require will depend on how many competitive bidding areas (CBA) you intend to place a bid.  In other words, one bond is required per CBA, regardless of how many products you are bidding on it that CBA. So, you may have one bond, or you could have 130 bonds; there are currently 130 CBAs. This is a separate surety bond  from the surety bond you obtained for your DMEPOS supplier enrollment.


  • CHECK LICENSURE: Contracts will only be awarded to bidders that meet all licensing requirements by the close of the bidding process, and each location on the bid must be licensed for all lead and non-lead items in the product category by the state in which it furnishes or plans to furnish if awarded a DMEPOS competitive bidding contract. To review/verify you state licensure information visit the National Supplier Clearinghouse’s  DMEPOS State License Directory.


  • GET ACCREDITED: Each location on a bid must be accredited by a CMS approved accrediting organization for the lead and non-lead items in a product category. CMS cannot contract with suppliers that are not accredited by a CMS approved accrediting organization, and there are no exemptions.


  • REVIEW AND UPDATE NSC ENROLLMENT INFORMATION: Each supplier must maintain accurate information* on its CMS-855S application, and in PECOS,  with the National Supplier Clearinghouse (Palmetto GBA) including:
    • Contact information (name, Social Security number, and date of birth) for authorized official(s)
    • Products and services furnished by the enrolled location(s)
    • Each state in which the enrolled location(s) furnishes items and services
    • Current liability insurance policy information



*Suppliers are reminded that they must notify CMS and the NSC of any changes within 30 days.