Mobility Saves – AOPA National Assembly

Mobility Saves Lives & Money at AOPA’s 2014 National Assembly!

Attendees of the AOPA National Assembly were among the first to learn about Mobility Saves, the importance of the Dobson-DaVanzo Study, and obtained a copy to participate in the O&P campaign of the year!

During the assembly presentation on Sunday September 7th, in Mandalay Bay Ballroom L, Thomas Kirk and Ashlie White affirmed that the study’s findings confirm that O&P intervention and services save money for payers, and more importantly, helps preserve or regain mobility for patients!

Don’t worry – If you didn’t make it to Vegas for the meeting, YOU can still participate!

  • Go to to learn and utilize the cost-effectiveness study for both orthotics and prosthetics!
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  • Spread the word to practitioners, payers, and referral sources!

Get Involved With The Major Public Relations Campaign

AOPA is continuously looking for content for inclusion in our O&P library of materials, which is made available to all AOPA Members via Mobility Saves. We are working to create and promote the cost-effectiveness study funded by AOPA and commissioned by The Amputee Coalition — The study proves that orthotics and prosthetics saves lives and money!

If you have a video clip that you would like us to consider using as part of the campaign, please send the video or video link to Tina Moran at  While we can’t assure that everything, and particularly content that is promotional to a specific product, is going to appear on the site, we strongly request that if members have a compelling patient centered story, and/or compelling video highlighting O&P care and its impact on restoring function and independence, please share it with us!

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