Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier B

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier B
Wednesday, September 9 from 1:00  – 3:00 p.m.

The following Tier B Workshops run concurrently within this track.

Socket Selection Criteria and Alignment Considerations, Part 1
Alps South LLC
Hear an overview into the selection of the type of socket and interface in relation to stump shape, tissue type, components, and projected vocation along with alignment considerations.

Triple Action® 101: Theory of Operation, Fabrication and Basic Applications
Becker Orthopedic Appliance Co.
The Triple Action® ankle joint was developed to enhance the clinical impact of orthotic care by enhancing the tuning of ankle and knee stability for patients with Stroke, CP, MS, and other conditions.  This introductory program provides a functional overview, key aspects of fabrication, and clinical applications of this unique orthotic component. Learn how the Triple Action design isolates the influence of ankle alignment, active resistance and ankle range of motion to give the orthotist a clinical tool to help optimize orthotic care for their patients.

Coapt’s CONTROL COACH to Guide Myo Pattern Recognition Success
Coapt LLC
The industry leader and pioneer for pattern recognition myoelectric control, Coapt, is changing the way prosthesis users learn and adapt control of their devices. Coapt’s CONTROL COACH is a powerful new feature of the COMPLETE CONTROL pattern recognition system. This workshop will cover how clinicians and users alike benefit from game-changing A.I. technology that monitors, teaches, and enables Coapt pattern recognition wearers to constantly find improvements in control robustness and intuitiveness. Attendees will see the app interface, the at-home usage, and the true power of this daily, wearable, smart prosthesis coach.

Lower Limb Innovations from College Park
College Park Industries
Take part in an overview of recent and planned product introductions from College Park. Included in the discussion will be design criteria and function of the redesigned Horizon foot, multi-function Capital hydraulic knee, and pediatric carbon fiber foot, and Odyssey MP with revolutionary microprocessor control and lowest profile in the industry. Patient benefits, reimbursement, and value will also be discussed.

Motion Control Upper Extremity Components with TASKA® Certification
Introducing the Motion Control Powered Flexion Wrist!  Join Motion Control for a fact filled four hours of the latest in Upper Extremity Prosthetics.  We will present the NEXO system, the latest in lightweight, easy-to-fabricate, body powered prostheses. Motion Control will discuss myoelectric control and adjustment with the iOS (Apple) based User Interface and the Taska hand. TASKA is the most robust multi-articulating hand on the market, and it is water-resistant!  Learn more about the features of the Taska hand and the simplicity of the User Interface.  Attendance for the entire course will be required for TASKA certification.

Growing Your Upper Limb Business with Unique Partial Hand Solutions
Össur Americas Inc.
Review the unique opportunities and challenges in identifying, fitting, and training individuals with partial hand limb loss or deficiency.  Education of referral sources, functional digit alignment, and the fabrication process will all be discussed.  Attendees will have opportunity to interact with an i-Digits product ambassador to deepen their level of understanding of the functional benefits of this product.