Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier C

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier C
Thursday, September 9 from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

The following Tier C Workshops run concurrently within this track.

Tips and Tools for Accreditation Success
American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics, Inc. (ABC)
Learn the tips and tools available from ABC for a successful accreditation survey. Whether you are still thinking about being accredited for the first time or you are preparing for your renewal, you’ll get the inside scoop on what to do to pass your survey with flying colors. You’ll also get a great in-depth look at how compliance with the standards actually helps your business and can boost your bottom line.

iFIT Transtibial Workshop – Scientific Rationale Behind the Immediate Fit Prosthetic and the Latest Innovations
Allard USA
This lecture will present data from our research article entitled, “A Prospective Assessment of an Adjustable, Immediate Fit, Transtibial Prosthesis” that was recently accepted by the Journal of PM&R. The study featured a single group pre-post assessment of the immediate fit prosthetic in comparison to participant’s current conventional prosthesis. Outcome measures included questionnaire, pressure and gait biomechanics. Two case studies will also be presented from prosthetists that have been using the IFIT device in their practice. We will also present our latest innovation- the transfemoral iFIT prosthetic, which was designed to be immediately fit and fully adjustable just like our transtibial version. The unique features of both these systems will be discussed which make these devices ideal as preparatory or definitive device for patients with frequent changes in volume.

Blatchford Presents The Next Generation Integrated Limb System: LinxV2
Blatchford Inc.
Introducing the next generation of the Linx, the LinxV2 by Blatchford.   The Linx delivers an experience that mimics the incredible and complex structure of the human leg which results in a walking experience that is closest to nature. So, whether you are new to the Linx products or have fit them often, you will learn why the coordinated response of the knee and foot working together is an ideal solution for your patients. This workshop will demonstrate the proven success of the LinxV2 along with an in-depth look at the exciting new features and benefits of the LinxV2.

How To Scan For Prosthetics and AFOs Using The Latest Foot Fixture and Your iPhone
Comb O&P
Prosthetists and orthotists can easily scan with their iPhone instead of casting. Attendees of this session will learn different techniques for scanning including a live demonstration of Comb’s highly anticipated AFO positioning fixture – which allows practitioners to correctly place patients in neutral in all three planes. Scanners are no longer expensive. They are accurate, easy to use, and can run on your smartphone. The digital workflow continues to improve clinical accuracy, time, and cost.

TASKA HandGen2 Introduction and Training
Have you heard about the Taska hand and would like to know more? Or maybe you fit Taska Hands several years ago and would like a refresher? Have you seen that Taska introduced their second-generation hand (TASKA HandGen2) with a Waterproof Quick Disconnect Wrist that is still interchangeable with all standard myoelectric wrists, and a new easy disconnect system that represents another step forward in functionality? Fillauer Motion Control’s workshop will walk you through the features of this incredibly robust and functional multi-articulating prosthetic hand. Attendance will serve as Taska Certification.

Introducing GripLock Finger: Our First Metacarpal Solution
Naked Prosthetics
With the launch of GripLock Finger, Naked Prosthetics now offers a functional solution for patients with nearly every level of partial hand amputation. In this course we will provide an overview of GripLock Finger and how the engineering in the product allows it to be the lightest and strongest metacarpal solution on the market. We will discuss how to identify optimal candidates for the GripLock Finger and how to manage your patient’s expectations if they have a nonoptimal clinical presentation. Finally, we will discuss how the GripLock Finger compliments our other products and how it works in conjunction with our three body-driven devices. The workshop will conclude with a chance for breakout sessions to examine the integration of GripLock Finger to a partial hand socket, how to use the accessories from Naked Prosthetics during socket fabrication, and direct interaction with an end-user.

Dynamic Exploration of the impact of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Orthotics and Prosthetics Profession
This workshop will be led by four expert panelists who will explore the knowledge and understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) on a personal and professional level. The panelists and participants will interact through discussions and problem solving of various cases focused on the impact of DEI in various orthotics and prosthetics realms, including education, the clinical arena, and human resources.

Digital to Walk: Using the Latest Digital Tools and Products from Ottobock to Optimize Outcomes for Orthotic and Prosthetic Patients
Digital tools are revolutionizing treatment pathways within the field of orthotics and prosthetics. These tools help clinicians optimize alignment and evaluate dynamic composite feet, as well as microprocessor prosthetic and orthotic designs with precision. In addition to Lasar Posture 3D, Ottobock is pleased to present a new mobile gait analysis system, the Bionic Pro, using onboard positional sensors for the 10m walk test and foot drop analysis. This new system will be used with three clinical patient cases involving the new Empower microprocessor ankle, the Taleo Vertical Shock and new Taleo Side Flex foot systems and the C-Brace microprocessor orthosis.

Get Moving: Using Contracture Management to Grow your Business and Improve Patient Outcomes
This workshop will help the busy clinician learn how contracture management can be a tool to grow their business while improving patient outcomes. They will learn the benefits of using dynamic contracture management solutions to compliment therapy and day-time orthoses. Using case studies and data, we will discuss patient selection, effective communication strategies and appropriate component selection. Following the course, clinicians will feel more confident evaluating for and ordering dynamic night-time orthoses for their patients so that they can grow their business and improve patient outcomes.

Real-time Clinical Experience with Coapt Complete Control® Pattern Recognition for Upper Extremity Prosthesis Users and Clinicians
Let’s experience together a real-time clinical session alongside an upper extremity amputee as they trial the features and benefits of intuitive prosthesis control. Using Coapt Complete Control® pattern recognition, you will discover how a Coapt patient evaluation, fitting, and functional training can take place in your clinic. Along the way, learn more about the vast prosthetic device compatibilities of the Coapt system, experience the brand new, cross-platform Coapt app, and hear more about Coapt’s exciting new research partner and collaborations. Workshop attendees will also have the opportunity to engage with Coapt OT staff and ask questions and interact with Coapt users of various limb presentations and prosthesis configurations.