Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier D

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier D
Thursday, September 9 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

The following Tier D Workshops run concurrently within this track.

Utilizing Socket Pressure Technologies to Optimize the Benefits of Adjustable Sockets
Cascade Orthopedic Supply
Socket pressure technologies continue to develop rapidly and provide clinicians with entirely new insights into what is happening in amputees’ prosthetic sockets. Better understanding about the dynamic pressures occurring throughout the gait cycle can greatly benefit the prosthetic socket fitting process while also creating a new tool for clinicians to use in educating amputees about what they are “feeling” in their sockets. Incorporating the use of socket pressure data into the clinical processes while customizing an adjustable socket has even broader benefits for patients and clinicians. This seminar will provide clinical reviews of the use of the Adapttech INSIGHT System in combination with RevoFit socket designs.

Outcome-Driven Foot Selection: Understanding the Biomechanics of Foot Characteristics
Come learn more about the ISO 16955:2016 Standards data that Fillauer has compiled on foot performance from K2 to “K5” and how it will help clinicians better select feet that fit actual patient characteristics based on numbers and not a gut feeling.  It’s time to better make the connection between foot performance and patient outcome.  We ask you to join us in a big step towards a data driven future.

Advancing O&P through Knit-Rite Material Science and Technology
During this interactive session, clinicians will be exposed to the innovative advancements in medical grade textiles and how material science and technology benefit patient compliance, outcomes and satisfaction. This course will review industry-leading Orthotic Textiles such as AFO/KAFO Socks, Torso Interfaces, as well as Prosthetic Textiles such as Liner-Liner, Socks, Shrinkers, and more!

LegWorks Knee Collection Overview: Low and High Mobility Solutions (Now With Weight Ratings Up to 200kg!)
LegWorks, Inc.
All LegWorks knee models feature automatic mechanical locking at swing phase extension. We will explore the evolution of our knee design from original prototype testing to the hydraulic ATK HydraPro Knee. The clinical benefits of our patented AutoLock Technology and Variable Cadence Controller and the versatility of the All-Terrain Knee Collection in terms of activity levels, terrain, and water use will be explained and augmented with video. Now with weight ratings up to 200kg (440 lb).

Össur Touch Solutions: Össur Arms Program
Össur Americas Inc.
This workshop will review opportunities and challenges in working with individuals with partial hand limb loss or deficiency. Education of referral sources, functional digit alignment, and the fabrication process will all be discussed. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with an i-Digits product ambassador to improve their understanding of the product.

Introduction to the NEW PROTEOR USA Portfolio
Proteor USA
Join us to learn about the new PROTEOR USA portfolio, including 3 new products! Highlights include the Freedom Quattro by Proteor, the Freedom Plie by Proteor, and the Allux 2 microprocessor knees, the Freedom Kinnex 2.0 Microprocessor Ankle by Proteor, the Freedom Kinterra, the Rush Rogue 2, and the Shockwave!

Upper Limb Innovations with the Espire Elbow and the Kinisi Myoelectric Hand
Steeper USA
The Espire Elbow is a range of five models designed to reflect the anatomical shape of the elbow, offering intuitive control of the prosthetic elbow joint and giving users an opportunity to complete everyday activities like lifting and carrying. The Myo Kinisi is a myoelectrically controlled terminal device engineered to provide optimal control, responding intuitively to the strength and speed of the user’s muscle contractions. This prosthetic hand is designed to be tailored by the prosthetist to the individual’s needs, with multiple wrist, size, and hand mode options for the patient’s comfort and usability. This workshop will go in depth about the Espire Elbow’s product overview, the features, inputs and outputs, and will also go in depth about our NEW Myo Kinisi hand features and benefits.

Digitizing Your O&P Workflow: The Importance of Post Scanning Treatment
Techmed 3D Inc.
Post-scanning treatment is the most important thing when thinking of digitizing your O&P workflow and yet it is the most secret aspect of the whole process. Indeed, scanning a patient and producing orthoses or prostheses is very important, but what about the link between those two elements? Post-treating your scanned file is an important step as it will help you prepare your file for your next steps: orthoses or prostheses production.
Learn how to execute a perfect post-scanning treatment by listening to this workshop. You’ll concretize your knowledge on digitizing your O&P workflow!

ALLELES Lower Limb Prosthetic Covers: How to Measure, Fit & Modify a Cover That is Easy for You and Exciting for Them
The ALLELES Design Studio Ltd.
For the past 10 years we have been working with clinicians and amputees across the US and Canada to develop a prosthetic covering system that works with the majority of lower limb prostheses. With our mission always being to create choice for clients, we continued to refine our product to increase durability, fit, and ease of ordering. We will walk you through how to work with our covers to get a successful fit for your clients, how to make modifications if needed and discuss product benefits that warrant reimbursability. Imagine giving your clients the same amount of choice as walking into a shoe store. Our goal is that clients leave your clinic empowered by choice and looking and feeling their best.

The OPRA System by Integrum
In December of 2020 the FDA provided an PMA (Premarket Approval) for use of the OPRA System (Osseointegrated Prosthesis for Rehabilitation of Amputees) for transfemoral amputees. This course is designed with the intent to help prosthetist understand the OPRA System by Integrum and who is a potential candidate. Specifically, attendees receive training on essential aspects of the rehab protocol and appropriate prosthetic care used within the protocol as well as reimbursement insight.