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99th AOPA National Assembly
John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, Boston, MA
September 8-11, 2016

The call for free papers and symposia is now closed for the 2016 AOPA National Assembly.  We look forward to your future participation.

For those who have submitted papers for the 2016 AOPA National Assembly—thank you for your interest and agreeing to share your expertise with attendees in Boston.

Presentation Waiver and quiz
AOPA is asking all presenters to sign a presentation waiver form as AOPA will be recording presentations this year.  Your presentation will be available to AOPA members for future use.  A 10-question multiple choice quiz will allow AOPA members to earn CE credits for viewing the recording.  Visit to preview how the recordings are made available.  If you submitted a free paper, you are not required to sign a form because this was completed through your online submission process.

Waiver Form is available here

Presentation Slide Template
Presenters are encouraged to utilize the Assembly PowerPoint template which is available here.  Using your own PowerPoint design template is permissible, however, the planning committee respectfully asks that all presenters limit the use of their corporate logo on their handouts and presentation slides to the first and/or last slide only.

Audio Visual
All education meeting rooms will be equipped with a LCD projector, computer, screen, podium, lavaliere mike and podium mike.  If you have additional Audio Visual needs, please contact Tina Moran at Use of your laptop computer is permitted, however presenters should also have their presentation transferred to a USB.   All presenters should plan to check in with the AV technician assigned to your meeting room at least 30 minutes before your program is scheduled to begin. Download the AOPA PowerPoint template.

AOPA will be happy to copy and distribute your handouts.  If you have a presentation handout, please send an electronic copy to by August 1, 2016. You are also welcome to copy and bring your own handouts. AOPA will not have access to equipment to make copies on site.

Presenter Registration
Each presenter will receive a link and code to register online.  Please be sure to complete the online registration form to confirm your participation and secure your badge for the show.  All participants need a badge to access the exhibit hall show floor and to access education meeting space.

Student/Resident Poster Submission (August 1 Deadline): AOPA invites students and residents to present orthotic/prosthetic research findings or a particular case study via a poster presentation.  When students and/or residents submit an abstract for a poster, they are entered to win one of two prestigious awards–The Otto and Lucille Becker Award will be presented for the best orthotic abstract submitted and the Edwin and Kathryn Arbogast Award for the best prosthetic abstract submitted by a qualifying student or resident.

checkThe poster must be exhibited and presented at the AOPA National Assembly for the award recipient to receive the prize. The winners of the two scientific poster awards will be published in the O&P Almanac.
checkThe winners will receive a $500 cash award, registration to the show, coach-class airfare to the National Assembly and three nights hotel. To qualify to present a poster in this category and eligible for consideration for this award, the main author must be a student (baccalaureate or masters level) or a resident at a qualified patient care facility.
checkAbstracts will not be considered for either award if they have been previously presented, published, or are currently submitted with pending decision on acceptance elsewhere.
checkThese awards have been made possible by a special endowment by Becker Orthopedic and WillowWood.
checkThe Award Winner’s associated school will also be honored with an award.

Please submit your poster paper here.

Poster Presentation Logistics

  1. Posters will be displayed in the exhibit hall.  You must attach your pre-printed (70cm wide x 100cm tall) poster to the designated poster board by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 8.  Push pins will be provided for this purpose.  Look for the board with your presentation title across the top.
  2. Each presenter is responsible for putting up and removing his/her own poster material. Please note that the National Assembly organizers cannot be responsible for these materials, and any posters not removed by 12:30 PM on Sunday, September 11 will be discarded.
  3. When creating your physical poster display, you may wish to refer to the guidelines below for assistance. offers a free and easy to use template that many have utilized in prior years.  You can also print and ship by utilizing this site.
  4. The National Assembly will utilize the (A1) 70cm wide x 100cm tall scientific poster presentation size.


Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Don’t include too much information
  • Don’t use a font smaller than 11 point
  • Make sure your scientific message is legible and clearly stated.
  • Please remember that by submitting a poster abstract, you are agreeing to be present during the poster session to share your finding and interact with attendees.

Poster Content
The poster display should focus on the following topics/content:

  • Title
  • Introduction or background – Your introduction or background information should contain 3-5 short sentences outlining information necessary to understand the study and by it was done.
  • Hypothesis , Objective or Aim – The aims of the study, the questions to be asked or the hypothesis to be tested should be clearly stated in as few words as possible.
  • Methods – Outline your methods briefly.  Provide details only for new methods or important modifications of older ones.
  • Conclusion, Results or Outcomes – The conclusion(s) should be succinctly stated in large type.  Many viewers read this first, so it should be easy to understand.
  • References – Pertinent references should only be considered for the abstract and may be presented in a smaller font.
  • Acknowledgements or Contact – Acknowledgements should be limited to granting agencies for the abstract.

Poster Design
The design of an effective poster is a demonstration of your ability to communicate your research results.  A good poster requires considerable forethought and attention to detail.

  • Avoid putting too much material on the poster.
  • The poster title and headings should have letters that are large enough to be read at a distance.
  • Mounting sections on colored paper may improve the graphic impact of your presentation.  Avoid color combinations that are difficult to read.
  • offers a free and easy to use template that many have utilized in prior years.  You can also print your poster at a very economical cost at this site. (Approximately $55 for the professional version.)
(Modern – Windows and Mac PowerPoint)DOWNLOAD 70cm x 100cm POSTER TEMPLATE-2013(Classic – Windows and Mac PowerPoint)DOWNLOAD 70cm x 100cm POSTER TEMPLATE 2003 70cm Wide x 100cm Tall
PowerPoint Poster Template
This free PowerPoint template is designed for a standard metric 70 cm by 100 cm scientific poster presentation for international poster sessions.This scientific poster template can be printed at the following sizes:
70 cm x100 cm (Standard 27.5×39.37 inches)
100×143 cmThis PowerPoint poster template is for a small size poster poster presentation commonly used at international conferences.

For travel and hotel information please refer to the Attend page.

Contact AOPA Headquarters at (571) 431-0876 or with questions about the submission process or the National Assembly in general.

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