Complete the 2013 Operating Performance & Compensation/BenefitsReports Today!

You should have received by now the 2013 Operating Performance Compensation and Benefits Report survey questionnaire. By completing the questionnaire you automatically reserve your FREE copy of the survey, your customized Company Report and you obtain an opportunity for a one-to-one consultation with one of AOPA’s consulting at experts, Industry Insights.

Industry Insights has conducted this survey for almost a decade and has a wealth of experience in analyzing the data and providing “top performer” comparisons with your own performance. The lessons learned can be invaluable to your management decision making process and represents the most useful benchmarking information available in the O&P field.

Remember – all data is absolutely confidential and no one from AOPA or any other entity sees the data except the Industry Insight consultants who are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement.

So why would you as a member pay $185 ($325 for non-members) for this “must have” information when you can get your own free copy along with your Company Report which analyzes your business and qualifies you for the personal consultation.

There are three ways to participate – (1) Complete the hard copy survey questionnaire and return it to Industry Insights;  Go online to for the convenient “save and return” way of providing your data; or (3) Send your financial statements to Industry Insights and they will enter your data.

AOPA and Industry Insights conduct the Operating Performance Report survey every year. In the odd number years such as this year, the Report is expanded to include the operating data plus the all important compensation and benefits information. This is the year for reporting the entire package which makes it even more persuasive to participate and get the full benefit of your free report, analysis and personal consultation.

Leading this project are AOPA members chaired by Mike Hamontree including Candy Carlson, Craig Wright, Jim Weber, Mark Ford and Michael Oros, CPO joined by Industry Insight experts, Scott Hackworth and Michael Becher.

If you have any questions about how you can participate in this year’s survey, contact Steve Custer via email or (571) 431-0810.