AOPA Submits Comments on the Inclusion of the Term “Orthotics and Prosthetics” in The Uniform Glossary of Medical Terms

Update:  Just 10 days after the March 28th deadline for submission of comments regarding the Uniform Glossary of Medical Terms, CMS finalized an update to the glossary that included the revision to the definition of the term “orthotics and prosthetics” that were suggested by both AOPA and the O&P Alliance.  Both groups suggested that the definition no longer […]

Bipartisan Bill That Would Delay Bundled Payments for Joint Replacements Introduced

On Wednesday, March 23, 2106, Rep. Price (R-GA) and Rep. Scott (D-GA) introduced a bipartisan bill that would delay implementation of a Medicare bundled payment program that would pay hospitals a single payment for joint replacement surgeries and any related follow up care for a period of 90 days post-surgery.  This program, known as the […]

Proof of Delivery Requirements: AOPA’s Efforts Pay Dividends

As you may recall, last year the four Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (DME MACs) released a clarification on the type of information which must be included on a valid Proof of Delivery (POD).  The DME MACs stated that the inclusion of the official L-code descriptor, which had been the accepted norm for years, […]

AOPA and the O&P Alliance Meet with CMS Officials about Prosthetic LCD Workgroup

On February 26, AOPA Executive Director Thomas Fise joined other representatives of the O&P Alliance for a meeting with CMS Deputy Administrator/Chief Medical Officer, Patrick Conway, M.D., Kate Goodrich, M.D., the Director of the Center for Clinical Standards & Quality, Susan Miller, M.D. who has responsibility for the planned Prosthetic LCD-related Interagency Committee comprised of […]