AOPA is Pleased to Introduce the COMET

The Clinical Outcome Measures Electronic Toolkit (COMET) provides a database of validated outcome measures geared towards prosthesis and orthosis users and practitioners. It was developed by Orthocare Innovations, LLC in coordination with AOPA and with the support of a Center for Orthotic and Prosthetic Learning and Outcomes/Evidence-Based Practice (COPL) Pilot Grant.

COMET simplifies and standardizes the use of outcome measures in daily clinical practice to inform evidence-based clinical care. Practitioners using COMET are able to easily select the appropriate measure, administer a test, and immediately receive the result.

Using COMET, practitioners can:

  • Justify and document effectiveness of P&O treatments
  • Easily record and score treatment outcome measures
  • Export PDFs to include in medical records (See example)

Using it is easy! Start by selecting one or multiple outcome measures for your patient to complete. After your patient completes the measures, COMET instantly calculates the scores and automatically generates a results report that can be exported as a PDF for inclusion in the electronic patient health record or where external documents are supported or needed.

It includes timed metrics such as the Timed Up and Go, patient-reported outcomes such as the Socket Comfort Score and Lower Extremity Functional Scale, and surveys such as the Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire.

COMET is now available! To use the mobile app, visit the Google Play store or App store for iOS to download.

Questions? Contact Dr. David Boone at