Member Services Committee

MISSION: To oversee the recruitment, retention, engagement and growth of the organization.

PURPOSE: Consistent with the AOPA strategic plan, the Member Services Committee will advise the Board on services and products required to meet members’ needs.  The Committee will also advise staff as necessary for the successful implementation of programs.

The Committee may establish “work groups” as necessary to ensure accomplishment of its annual objectives and to enhance membership involvement.  Work groups may be composed entirely of the Member Services Committee members, but each work group must have at least one member of the Member Services Committee.


To work with the AOPA staff and to advise and recommend to the AOPA Board:

  • Appropriate dues structure, levels and prices
  • Membership categories (start-up, not-for-profit, networking for individuals?)
  • Create onboarding process for new AOPA members
  • Review the current products in AOPA Bookstore
  • Review Supplier Plus Marketing


Q1 2020

For a list of current volunteers serving on this committee, click here.

AOPA staff liaison for this committee: Betty Leppin or 571-431-0810